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Believe it or not, it’s possible. You can go from being fat to fit if you truly want to. All you need to do is to commit to it. Eventually, you will see yourself transform from being fat to fit.

The commitment to transform yourself is yours to make. We, here at Fat to Fit, provide you a good variety of options to get fit.

Fat to Fit is a great resource for all your health and fitness needs. Feel free to drop by any time, as you are always welcome here. There’s just one thing you have to do before proceeding to use our website. That one thing is to make sure that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service.

Stated below is our Terms of Service. It will guide you as to how to use Fat to Fit. Take some time to read it so that you are aware of how things are done around here.

A Friendly Website

Fat to Fit is a friendly website. Aside from the fact that we are always willing to share valuable information and tips to help you become fit, we also encourage a friendly exchange of thoughts and ideas.

It is very important that you keep that in mind at all times. That should set the mood as to how you should conduct your behavior here on Fat to Fit.

Having said that, we absolutely do not allow the use of foul language here. Profanities and messages of hate will never be tolerated here. Watch what you say and say it nicely.

It is also important to note that Fat to Fit is not a place to express personal grudges against any person. Furthermore, our website is not an avenue for you to express personal complaints and issues directed to companies or service providers.

Take your personal grudges and complaints somewhere else. We just don’t deal with such personal issues here at Fat to Fit.

Violation of our Terms and Service will compel us to take action. We will not hesitate to seek help from the proper authorities to stop such undesirable behavior here on our website.

What’s Tackled Here

We are all about getting fit and getting healthy. Suffice to say, the topics discussed here are health, fitness, and nutrition. As a reader and visitor of Fat to Fit, it’s important that you always stick to the said topics.

You will be able to focus more on your transformation if you stick to the three topics of Fat to Fit. Furthermore, you will have better chances of interacting with the other users of this website if you stick strictly to the three topics of Fat to Fit.

Your time is definitely well spent onsite so long as you always stick to the topics here. So make your visit worthwhile so that you can focus solely on getting fit.

You Make Your Own Decisions

As a resource for health, fitness, and nutrition, Fat to Fit aims to share with you valuable information and options that you can always make use of. Nonetheless, our Terms of Service clearly states that you are responsible for any kind of decision you make.

Fat to Fit will only share well-founded information and present tried and tested options that can help you get fit. Should you decide to make use of the information presented here, you are responsible for that decision. The same thing applies if you decide to make use of the options presented here on Fat to Fit.

The information and options presented here have all been well researched. The products and services mentioned here have all been tried, and tested. However, that should not stop you from seeking medical advice when it comes to getting fit.

Nonetheless, you are responsible for any action and decision you make regarding your transformation to become fit.

Feel Free To Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us any time. A contact form is readily available for you on our Contact Page. At the same time, you can always post a comment here on Fat to Fit.

We will welcome your thoughts and ideas as long as they are aligned with our Terms of Service. Since you will be sharing with us some of your personal information, we highly recommend that you read our Privacy Policy.

What It Means To Be On Our Website

Your visit here on Fat to Fit is truly appreciated. Feel free to drop by any time but do keep in mind that each time you visit Fat to Fit, you agree to the Terms of Service stated above.

The fact that you are here means you have agreed to our Terms of Service. It is for that reason that you should always be updated with the changes and updates of our Terms of Service. You can do that by visiting this particular page from time to time.

That’s it for now. Good luck with your transformation and remember to stay updated with all the changes here on Fat to Fit.