Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of Fat to Fit. There are two crucial things this Privacy Policy aims to inform you of.

The first of which is how you personal information is collected here on Fat to Fit. It is vital that you are aware of that. After all, it is your very own personal information and you have to take good care of it.

The second critical information this Privacy Policy aims to inform you of is how your personal data is protected here. You can never be too complacent online and that is one of the major reasons as to why it’s vital you take some time to read the Privacy Policy of this website.

Basic Personal Data Collected Here

Fat to Fit is a free website that’s available for you any time of the day. Soon as get to the website, you get easy access to all the posted articles. There’s no need for you to sign up to get on the website. Fat to Fit makes it very convenient for you to visit.

Even if you don’t sign up as a visitor of Fat to Fit, you are still revealing snippets of your personal information. As a matter of fact, you are digitally identified soon as get on any website. Fat to Fit is no different.

The use of standard internet tools makes it possible for you to be identified soon as you get to a website. One such example is the use of cookies.

All websites make use of cookies. This is an acceptable practice online. If you still don’t know what cookies are, here’s a simple explanation.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer. They are usually turned on so that they can gather valuable information when you get on a website.

Snippets of information regarding your browsing habits are stored in the cookies. On the part of the website administrator or owner, he or she is able to learn a lot about your browsing habits from the information collected and stored by the cookies.

The information collected by the cookies is put to good use. Websites are further improved. This means the visitors have a more personalized experience on any website they get on. While on the other hand, you are revealing a good amount of personal data online.

Unfortunately, that could be risky. The fact that cookies are storing information about you can make you feel uneasy, right?

It’s understandable if you feel uneasy with that. After all, there’s always the risk of losing your personal information online. That is something you don’t want to happen now or any time in the future. It’s just too much of a hassle. You are better off protecting your personal data each time you are online.

The good thing about cookies is that you can turn them off. You can easily do that by adjusting the privacy settings of your computer.

With the cookies turned off, your browsing history is pretty much cleared as well. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re able to surf anonymously on any website. Even with the cookies turned off, websites still make use of other internet tools that can gather information about you. The truth of the matter is that no one is anonymous online.

Your online visibility is always represented by an IP address. Thanks to the IP address, the website owner or administrator knows exactly what your internet provider is.

That’s not all. Your location is immediately revealed by your IP address. This is the reason why IP addresses play a major part in tracking down folks who violate the Terms of Service of any website. So with or without the cookies, basic personal data is collected online.

How Personal Data Is Protected Here

Fat to Fit assures you that all your personal information is protected at all times. Here, on Fat to Fit, there’s no selling or sharing of personal information.

You can be sure that your personal information is protected here on Fat to Fit. No one else can ever come close to the personal details you reveal while you’re visiting this particular website.

You just have to make sure that you comply with the Terms of Service of Buyfattofit,com to ensure total secrecy of your personal information.

Do Your Part In Protecting Your Own Personal Data

You also have to do your part in protecting your own personal data here on Fat to Fit. One easy way you can do that is by visiting this page from time to time.

Updates and changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted here directly. You will not be informed thru email. All the changes and updates will be posted here directly. So make sure to find the time to visit this page. That way you are always in the know as to how your can protect your personal data here on Fat to Fit.